All Messages Widget

Death of All Messages Widget

Unfortunately Google changed who’s allowed to have SMS permissions so the app was pulled from the play store. Here’s a […]

All Messages Widget

All Messages Widget 4.2

A much needed maintenance release. Here’s what’s new in version 4.2 of the All Messages Widget. Added a “Count” setting […]

Electrical Calc

Electrical Calc Release

We’ve released our second calculation app. Electrical Calc has all the same features as Quick Brew Calc, plus a few […]

All Messages Widget

All Messages Widget 4.0

New features! We’ve fixed a few bugs, but mostly we’ve added two new features. With the number of settings in […]

Quick Brew Calc

Quick Brew Calc 1.2

This app has been pretty well received. We’ve got 6 ratings, putting it at 4.3 stars on Google Play. Most […]

Sandwich Maker

Sandwich Making Begins

Making sandwiches. Good times. This app was purely for fun. We made a nice simple data driven application. We’re all […]

All Messages Widget

All Messages Widget 2.2

After releasing our newest app, Quick Brew Calc, we were finally ready to make our planned improvements to the messaging […]

All Messages Widget

Open Group Messaging Beta

We’ve utilized the most standard method available and we’re hopeful that we can at least provide an entry in the […]