SMS Widget

All your text messages (SMS) in one beautiful scrolling, resizable widget. Provides quick contact information as well as quick access to the conversation in your messaging app. Plus, you can personalize the widget with your own color and style.

The list is sorted by date and time and only the latest message from each person is shown. This maximizes the number of conversations and contacts you can see on the widget.

Touch a message to open your messaging app directly to the conversation for quick reply.

Touch a person's image to show all their info for quick calling or messaging or anything else.

Complete customization.

  • New messages can appear at the top of the widget, or the bottom, whichever you like better.
  • Show incoming messages, outgoing messages, or both.
  • Don't want the contact image displayed? Turn it off in the settings.
  • Want to remove their name? You can do that too.
  • Change the color and style.