All Messages Widget

Death of All Messages Widget

Unfortunately Google changed who’s allowed to have SMS permissions so the app was pulled from the play store. Here’s a link to the app, just open it on your device to install. You may need to allow unknown sources.

Thanks for using the app.

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  • Siborg71

    Thank you for posting this! Latest android update removed their stock widget and it seems a bunch of replacements have all been pulled from the store. Seems google doesn’t want us to use our phones the way we want any more. At least your widget offers a decent alternative

  • somemorestuff

    Still rocking this widget on my new S21! There’s simply nothing out there I’ve found that will do the same. Any chance of adding ongoing notifications (filterable obviously) and/or Google Voice messages/calls? Also, I noticed on my S7 that the widget sometimes misses certain calls or sms (that’s all I use it for); I presume that’s due to Google’s new policy? Still better than anything else I’ve found though!